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Ballater is found ten miles west of Aboyne and eight miles east of Balmoral, it is a Victorian Spa town best known for its connection with Queen Victoria. It is a quaint and historic town and provides a good selection of hotel accommodations. These hotels are accustomed to hosting a string of highly esteemed individuals and as such are perfectly suited for the most discerning tastes.

Ballater is a wonderful place from which to explore the great outdoors, it offers great hiking and walking trails. The town lies within Cairngorms National Park and is surrounded by the wooded hills of birch and fir of the Eastern Highlands. In the 19th century the town underwent a growth with the arrival of a new railway line, which brought holiday makers and tourists to it and many neighbouring villages.

The town gained immediate fame when Queen Victoria arrived by rail in 1848 on her way to Balmoral Castle. The Train station has long ceased to provide transport however the building now houses the Ballater Tourist Information Centre and Museum. It is part of the sign posted Victorian Heritage Trail in Royal Deeside; the centre remembers the past with pride and looks wistfully back to the days when it was gloriously connected to royalty.

The towns rise in popularity grew in the 19th century when its Spring water was rumoured to cure scrofula, a form of tuberculosis and this lead to its development as a Spa town, although this is in the past visitors may buy bottled water from the Pannanich Wells. The town bursts with vitality during the beginning of August when it celebrates its Victoria Week, and the Ballatar Highland Games. Earlier annual events include the Ballater Walking Festival and the Royal Deeside Golf Week in May.

This collective history provides a fascinating backdrop for hotel accommodation on offer in and around the town. Visitors will find that service is friendly and efficient and facilities modern. There are hotel styles, star ratings and prices to suit everyone. Ballater Hotels provide guests to this historic region with a wonderfully warm and luxurious retreat and the perfect springboard to explore Royal Scotland.